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Written by Rei on February 14, 2020

I’ve been listening to quite a few YouTube videos that address the question of how to find your purpose, and I’ve noticed that a lot people have been asking this question for the last few years.

Humanity right now is moving toward finding their authentic self, so naturally, we’re questioning who we really are, what our purpose is, and why we were born.


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Written by Rei on February 9, 2019

Even though there are some who understand the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy (or more commonly known as the Yin & Yang energy), many people are not aware of how the two seemingly different energies intermingle to create balance in our lives.  

It’s important to be aware of these two energies and their effects, because you’ll be able to recognize when you’re off-balanced and know what to do to be balanced...

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Written by Rei on August 29, 2018

Last night, I dreamed that my pet bunny Tobo needed batteries. Apparently, in this crazy dream of mine, it was natural that a live bunny was operated on batteries.



Anyway, so I asked Jay if he could change her batteries, which he...

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