My Crazy Dream Last Night.

Last night, I dreamed that my pet bunny Tobo needed batteries. Apparently, in this crazy dream of mine, it was natural that a live bunny was operated on batteries.



Anyway, so I asked Jay if he could change her batteries, which he consented to right away as he usually does. When he finished, I noticed that my bunny looked exhausted.


When I investigated into it, I discovered that Jay had done a reckless job of changing her batteries, putting in foreign objects as well as putting in the batteries the wrong way. Because our bunny had to carry around a load in her belly, all she could do was lie down on the floor depleted of energy.


I became angry with Jay, and took out the foreign objects and reinserted the batteries myself.

I was so angry with Jay. 


I was so angry that I started hitting him, but because everything was happening in my dream and because dreams have a way of frustrating people, the punches I was throwing at my husband felt limp.


To say the least, I woke up feeling frustrated.



Hmm... I wonder... If all dreams have a symbolic meaning, then...