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Written by Mary on November 17, 2015

Last night, I saw my friend drop $44 dollars on a dinner take out without batting an eye. On a TAKEOUT. For herself. And no, it was not a special occasion. Just a Sunday after grocery shopping.

This came right after a trip to COSTCO, where I had stood in the seafood section holding a package of lobster tails and contemplated the purchase for no less than 15 minutes, but had put it down with great self restraint because...

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Written by Mary on June 17, 2015

It had been two months since I moved to SF for the dream job, and I was feeling especially homesick. Before, when I had just made the move, the novelty of the situation distracted me from missing everyone back at home, but now that the newness was starting to wear off, I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right move, if this job was in fact a dream job, and whether it was worth the alone-ness I felt everyday.


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