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Written by Rei on August 21, 2018

If I think back on my life, the trouble started when I graduated college. That’s when I became lost.

You see, ever since I was a kid, I loved to write. I wanted to be very good at writing, I mean, really good. So when I went to college, I chose to major in English Literature without a moment’s contemplation.  

But when I graduated college, life became more complicated. Well...

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Written by Rei on June 1, 2018

No matter how much society tells us otherwise, we can’t afford to do what we don’t like for the sake of security alone.

So many of us are used to giving up on our dreams and what our hearts truly yearn for, for the sake of security and because “everyone does it.” But mark my words: it always catches up to us.

It’s really simple and quite logical, if we quiet our mind enough...

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Written by Rei on March 14, 2018

Last blog, I talked about the second (out of five) epiphanies I had in getting myself out of a financial funk.

Before we get into my third epiphany, "Creating a habit of doing everything successfully," I want to talk about attitude and perception.

Most people who are in a financial funk tend to look at it as something “bad” happening to them, since the experience is so...

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