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Written by Rei on August 17, 2017

Right now, I’m outside of my apartment patio where it overlooks a gigantic tree, listening to the crows in the tree cawing their throats raw. If you ask me, crows are wonders of nature. I mean, how can such loud, raucous noise come from such small bodies?

Meanwhile, this doesn’t seem to bother my pet rabbit, who is napping peacefully under the patio table, completely unbothered. I think she sucks as a prey animal. She...

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Written by Rei on August 5, 2017

I love taking a moment to be silent and just watch it rain.

Written by Rei on July 17, 2017

Something funny just happened at work.

There are two people at the office who are inseparable and equally annoying. I will be calling them The Office Twins. And for the sake of referring them individually, I’ll give them each a fake name, Neal and Maddy.

The Office Twins are loud and obnoxious but really funny. They are the type of people who make you wonder whether we’ve all...

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