How to Find Your Life Purpose

I’ve been listening to quite a few YouTube videos that address the question of how to find your purpose, and I’ve noticed that a lot people have been asking this question for the last few years.

Humanity right now is moving toward finding their authentic self, so naturally, we’re questioning who we really are, what our purpose is, and why we were born.

I know it can get frustrating trying to discover your life purpose, so I’d thought I’d share my story and how I got closer to finding my life purpose.


My Story

It’s not an exaggeration when I say that my life has been one long existential search for a higher purpose. I just felt, from the bottom of my gut, that I am here on Earth because I was meant to do something grand, something that’s going to have great impact.

I felt like my life purpose was waiting for me somewhere out there and would reveal itself to me when the time came. And when it does, my real life would start. Everything before that is just practice, I believed wholeheartedly.

So I went from one career to the next, searching for my life purpose and dreaming of the day I could start living for real.

But so far, it has eluded me.

I wish someone, say God or Spirit for example, would just tell me outright what my purpose is.

If I stop to think about it, I’ve always had this unsettling feeling of waiting for my real life to begin.

Take this as an example: I’m an adult woman, but I’m still waiting to invest in real furniture to replace the plastic ones I have right now, which, as you know, are designed to make it easy to pick up and move.  It’s as if I’m perpetually in the middle of transitioning into my real home, as if my current life is the step I have to take before I get to my “real” life.

It started to occur to me that living a life with a nomadic mindset is not doing anything for me. It’s not helping my “real life” come to me any faster. This temporary way of living is, after all, a lifestyle as well. It doesn’t not count just because I refuse to accept life as it is and deem my current situation as merely something temporary.

And perhaps, this feeling of not being rooted won’t go away. I don’t know where I’ll finally feel at home. I don’t know whether I’ll finally feel like I’ve arrived.

However, I believe that once I find my grand purpose in life, I’ll stop feeling like I’m in a constant state of transitioning. I’ll feel like I’ve finally arrived.

Uh… right?


Well, let's talk about this so called 'purpose.'

Here’s the truth that no one wants to tell you. No one wants to burst your bubble.

We don’t actually have a grand purpose in life, at least not in the way we think. You can’t achieve it in the way you think.

Let’s say you want to be an inspirational life coach who moves people in significant ways. You want that to be your purpose in life.

Well, the manifestation of that is not your part to do. That’s God’s part, or Source’s part.

This is how it works.

There is Source energy, a collective energy that swirls around, collecting information, sensing people’s development and hearts. In its infinite wisdom, it decides that it wants to give birth to something in the world, for example, a certain message so strong that it’ll wake people up in masses.

As the energy of the message grows ripe, it’ll look for avenues that could use to let it out and deliver, in this case through people who are ready, people who are in the frequency to serve as avenues for the message to come through.

That’s why you see at certain period in time, people from all over the world come up with similar messages at similar times. Many discoveries and inventions that have changed history are made in this way as well.


Example of multiple independent discoveries

For example, the invention of the microchip. Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce invented the microchip within six months of each other.

And then there’s the television. There were several people who came up with the television all at the same time.

We all know Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison came up with electric power current around the same time, and Bill gates and Steve Jobs innovated the personal computer around the same time. There are countless of examples where multiple independent discovery around the same time.  

The point of all this is that, the grand purpose we’re looking for, it’s not ours to achieve. The grand, higher purpose that changes worlds is determined and accomplished by God, Spirit, Source, Universe, etc.
Our job is to live with our hearts, stay connected, and be ready for the messages to come through us. It’s our job to move away from our head and become finely tuned to our heart.

That’s it. That’s where our job ends. We don’t try to achieve some kind of outcome.


Then why does it feel like it’s up to us to find the right purpose?

Then why are we looking our life purpose in the form of a job, a task or a role? Why do we feel like we were meant to do something extraordinary and if we can only do it, we’ll feel like we’ve finally arrived?

That’s mainly because we’re used to achieving goals in this way.

We’re used to setting a goal and then dreaming an image of us when we have achieved this goal. We follow a disciplined routine, sometimes despite what our inner self is saying.  And then finally, after long, hard, stress filled days, we reach our goal, but not without damages. Our body and mind have suffered, but we think to ourself, “no pain, no gain.”

We put too much pressure and responsibility on ourselves, instead of creating as part of a whole.

When you’re trying to create something, you have to understand that it’s not wholly dependent on us. It’s more of a birth that happens by the collective.

Many, many, many people have to be in place just the right time, and many moving parts have to merge to create thousands of circumstances that are just right. The energy in the air has to be just perfect, not to mention the timing. Otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re going against the wind and against the current, and it’ll feel impossible to do anything. 

And so to put so much responsibility for manifesting on ourselves is just incorrect.

But because we heard things like, “if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it,” and we put too much pressure on ourselves, on one single person, when we’re just one small part of the whole creation wheel. 

This was the only way we have learned to achieve anything. By sheer will and pain. So then naturally, our approach our life purpose or any spiritual goals in this way as well. The grander the better. You dream up an image of yourself once you’re living your “higher purpose.” And through some disciplined practice (meditation, yoga, studies etc.), you try to bring it into fruition, become the sensational guru, the person that the masses admire and adore.

Well, this is not how true leaders are born.


I know you feel it in your bones that you are meant to do something significant.

That’s not false what you’re feeling.

But who defines what this “significant” purpose is?

It’s our ego that says that, not your heart.

Our ego has been train to think of things in terms of hierarchy.

But our true selves, which the heart reflects, knows no hierarchy, no rank in actions. It does not judge an activity as being superior or inferior to another activity. Your heart only knows joy and no joy, resonance and dissonance. No action is significant or insignificant to your heart, as long as it give you joy.

So there is no “should” with your heart.

If meditation brings you joy, do it! If yoga brings you joy, then do that. If studying about spiritual laws bring you joy, go for it. But if you’re doing these just because it’s something you “should” do in order for you to fulfill your higher purpose as whatever role you’re meant to take on, then that is not the place you want to start. That’s you reverting back to the old way of thinking.

So instead, ask your heart, what is it you find joy in?

What resonates with you?

What can you lose yourself in these days?

Even if you answer these questions with a mundane, ordinary activity, know that that is your purpose right now. Know that doing that is going to help you align with your core self and become a great channel to bring forth original thoughts, thoughts that shake the world.


Don’t hold off on living.

But don’t live your life holding your breath until you find your higher purpose. You won’t find it if you’re holding off on living until one day it hits you. It won’t work like that. 

And whatever you do throughout your day, stay connected to the heart. Learn to listen to the ringing of your heart, your core.

And don’t judge yourself or limit yourself with all the “should’s.”  Stay connected with your heart.

That is your grand purpose.

Any original thoughts that want to come through you, it will.

But it’s always going to be in the context of you just having fun, doing what you love best, and you already fulfilled. You’ll already be doing what you love, and therefore, won’t need something grand to come along.

But it will.

And when it does, you too will wonder along with people, how such a powerful thought could’ve come through. And you’ll be in overwhelming humility and gratefulness that you can witness such beauty and that it chose you to come through.

And you’ll know the truth of it, that all you did was what you liked doing, and it just chose you to come through. So you’re beholden by the incredulity of it. But you’ll know that it wasn’t you, that you with your sheer will didn’t dream this up, that it was not something you thought it out and achieved, and you’ll say what most people who has experienced it says, that “I never dreamed that my life would be like this. I never fathomed that my work would get this much attention.”


That’s how it’s supposed to work. 

Let your daily practice be formed out of joy, not out of discipline. And if it doesn’t give you joy, take a rest. Move away from it for now. And come back to it later when you can enjoy it.

You don’t know that what you do will move people’s hearts or make an impact. You cannot intend impact with your head and create it, since creating impact is not up to you alone. It’s in agreement with a lot of people. 

The outcome is not up to you, especially things such as moving people’s hearts or shifting people’s thoughts. This is a job done by the collective in agreement with the collective. Therefore, you need to focus on what you like doing, what you’re passionate about, but leave the outcome to what it needs to be.

Either way, you should be happy because you get to wake up everyday and do what makes you passionate. Your higher purpose is not an outcome that you need to create.

Your higher purpose is to do what makes you happy, what makes you lose yourself.


Main Takeaways

  • Don’t worry about find a job or a task that’ll fulfill the role of your life purpose. Instead, stay connected to your core self, your heart, your spirit.
  • Find out what resonates with you and what you find joy in, and then do it.
  • Don’t worry about what you “should.” Instead, think in terms of “want.”  
  • Don’t do anything with a specific outcome in mind. The outcome isn’t your responsibility. Let the outcome reveal itself to you.
  • Instead, just be good at expressing yourself. That way when the message is ready to come through, you’ll be connected to pick it up, and you’ll be good at expressing yourself already.