Understand Who I Am

How to Find Your Life Purpose

I’ve been listening to quite a few YouTube videos that address the question of how to find your purpose, and I’ve noticed that a lot people have been asking this question for the last few years.

Humanity right now is moving toward finding their authentic self, so naturally, we’re questioning who we really are, what our purpose is, and why we were born.

Why Am I Not Good With People?

Is it only me or is it totally exhausting talking to people, especially people you sort of know?

Take me at work, for example. When I talk to people at work, I feel this immense self-imposed pressure to fit in. I feel like I need to pretend like I care about what is being said, even though in actuality, I don’t give a hootenanny. I tell myself, I need to endure this in the name of looking like I belong, so I strap on a smile and nod, faking interest.