How to Live on Earth

How to Create Balance with the Feminine & the Masculine Energy

Even though there are some who understand the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy (or more commonly known as the Yin & Yang energy), many people are not aware of how the two seemingly different energies intermingle to create balance in our lives.  

It’s important to be aware of these two energies and their effects, because you’ll be able to recognize when you’re off-balanced and know what to do to be balanced again.

How to Stay Motivated in Life

Last night, I saw my friend drop $44 dollars on a dinner take out without batting an eye. On a TAKEOUT. For herself. And no, it was not a special occasion. Just a Sunday after grocery shopping.

Two Months Since I Moved to SF

It had been two months since I moved to SF for the dream job, and I was feeling especially homesick. Before, when I had just made the move, the novelty of the situation distracted me from missing everyone back at home, but now that the newness was starting to wear off, I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right move, if this job was in fact a dream job, and whether it was worth the alone-ness I felt everyday.